He had finally convinced the doctor to let him have solid food, although he was discovering that the cottage cheese, jello and juice diet he’d been ...n actually tasted better than the stuff in front of him.The doctor and Frank were discussing him.“I’ve never seen anyone recover so fast from a gunshot wound in the abdomen. He is remarkably healthy,” the doctor was telling Frank. “After a few more tests, we should be able to release him, probably by tomorrow afternoon, unless there are. He unhooked a grenade from his shoulder webbing and motioned for his wingman to cover him. He pulled the pin and crept toward the opening.Tony flipped the spoon and flung the deadly object into the main hallway. The grenade bounced off the opposite wall and landed smack in the middle of the shaft, right next to the machine gun nest.Tony dropped to the ground and covered his ears. The explosion rocked the tiny hallway. Sand, dust, and body parts blew through the mineshaft. A chunk of bloody. On the other hand, his body had been morphed into thatof a pretty, petite girl. The body itself wasn't that outrageous.Catching a glimpse of his new reflection in plate glass, he guessed thathe looked his normal age, but he was definitely skinnier. He had beenpretty skinny to start with: 5'8" 145 pounds. Yet, he sure that he hadlost at least 20 pounds. He thought he was probably about the sameheight, but his arms and legs were thinner. Of course, this ignored themore obvious changes he was. “Because of this,” I said, raising my shirt up to show him my right nipple.Greg gasped, seeing the illusion of a nipple ring on my right nipple with the Roman letters Gamma Alpha Eta inscribed on it. He looked up to Joey and watched him with a look of respect as Joey flashed his own right nipple at us.“What do I have to do?” Greg’s said, his enslaved persona now in control and very willing to proceed.I said, “Simple. Take off your earring and never put it back on.”“But...” he said,.

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