I’ve not a good muscular body or with a 9″ cock (normal guy like everyone but will apply slight diff slight variations when I am doing sex. Well I...have friend called, Smrithi and we freak out together but never had any sexual experience with each other. She once introduced me to a friend of her by name Pallavi Sharma and she is our heroine Queen of our sex story today. Pallavi Sharma Pallu is a gorgeous beauty with beautiful, lively eyes with petite boobs and buts. She is a sculpture’s delight. All this flashed through my mind while theLord's slut was brought to the altar by the two black priests, who had beenher jailers since her breaking. The girl's body had not been washed since thatnight, and literally reeked of pungent odours of unbridled sexuality. It waseasy to tell that she was a freshly taken slave when one looked at her nakedcrotch. It had been rendered completely hairless, but had the rosy hue to itssmooth, delicate skin that clearly betrayed evidence of recent. Hell, I was having a good time! So was Callie. But, wait. If that girl is having a good time, why is she crying? Oh shit, I went too far. I spanked too hard and too much. Guilt and regret swept over me. I bent and kissed Callie’s ass. I kissed and gently massaged every reddened spot. I kissed and I rubbed, then I kissed and I rubbed some more. The tender, silky-soft flesh began to turn from red back to white. I kissed my way up Callie’s back. I kissed her neck. I flipped her to her. Tim and Dave were undressing while watching be strip. By the time I was at the couch both were naked and hard. I kneeled in front of them as they sat down and began by sucking Dave’s cock into my mouth and stroking Tim’s cock. After a few minutes I removed my mouth from Dave and moved to suck Tim. While I sucked Tim, Dave moved forward to play with my tits. I positioned myself so I could suck Tim’s cock and allow Dave access to my pussy. Dave entered me slowly and quickly increased his.

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