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Rob moved forward and ran his hands over my chest, I was stunned.Then Rob stepped back and unbuttoned his jeans as they fell to the floor I couldn’ but notice his bulge in his boxers, turning to my left and Steve had done the same it was then I realised that I was going to be gang fucked. They came towards me and pulled my trakkie bottoms down, my cock was pointing skywards, Rob pulled my undies down and as I stood there I felt small in comparison.Rob slipped down his boxers and released. He turned the bottle around and shoved the bottom inside me little by little. He was stretching me wide. It hurt and even though i loved the pain, tears were forming in my eyes as i screamed out with each thrust. Daddy smiled and kissed my face but he didnt stop until the bottle's body was all the way inside me with the neck still out."Close your legs princess," He left the bottle inside me. And it was uncomfortable as he then grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the tent. Pulling me into the. He held them in his hands, teasing and sucking on every inch of them. She moaned with lust, her pussy now soaking wet. “Oh my God, you are so sexy,” whispered Mike. Mike slid down farther, his now rigid cock lying right on her puffy pussy lips. Jenny moved back and forth trying to will his cock inside of her. She needed him. “Do you want me?” asked Mike with a sly grin. “Yes, please, yes,” moaned Jenny. “Not yet, baby. I want to eat that sweet pussy of yours that I have been dreaming. I was shocked at that and was looking at the people around me and the guy sitting next to me oh my god my heart was beating hard, i have to get down at the next stop and look at the paper , it was her name and the office phone number and the extension number, I could not wait for the next morning was thinking of her the whole night and I shagged thinking of her may be 2 times, next day I called the number and press the extension number some lady answered I asked her can and I talk to Lakshmi.

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