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She stayed still. A little thrill ofexcitement grew steadily and she became aroused."Now give my shoe a kiss to say thank you and move to the other fo...t.Same again, nose touching the shoe," she now commanded.The moments passed before she was ordered to kiss her other shoe."Youi may sit up now."Cherry sat back up, flushed in the face and panting just a little. Herexcitement and embarressment evident."If you can get Meliissa to do that to your feet when you visit nextweek, then I will know you. When I looked at themlater, they would be in a slightly different spot or were foldeddifferently. I was glad that Gene was enjoying these femininedelights. I would have loved to have given him a silky nightgownand have him wear it at night while he slept. That would havebeen too open, though. However, an idea began to form in my headthat would have me help Gene to fully experience his feminineside. I would try to talk him into being one of my bridesmaidsin my upcoming wedding. I discussed. He nodded curtly to his second-in-command and went into his private quarters.Time did pass slowly at Fort Amatilla, and it passed more slowly for its commander than for anyone. He had many long, hot, dusty hours to reflect upon the woman he had left in Sevilla and on the ruin of his once-promising career. Indeed, he could hardly reflect upon the one without finding his thoughts drawn to the other. It was the old military story: the wife of a superior officer. A few months of bliss, and then his. She looked at me with her hands pressed around a tiny red bikini that was layed out on my bed: "Before we drink, i'm going to wear these. The ones we bought and hid here for beach so my strict mom doesn't know we went out sexy bikini shopping". "Sure", I replied, and set the drinks on the table while she got up and slided her top off, revealing a not-too shabby black bra. "Someone got excited. Don't you wanna change in the bathroom"? Frustrated, she gronaed back sarcastically: "Yeah sure I'll.

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