” “I don't think they'll like that you said that.” “Then you better not tell em.” “What do I get in return?” She took my hands and put o...e on her tit and the other on her ass.”Your pick.” “You're just gonna let me feel you up in public like this? You know I won't move my hands.” “I won't move em either, they don't know us, plus I like us being noticed as a couple finally.” We just stood there, not paying attention to anyone around us, or anything, just us, me groping her, and her smiling right. From her expression we understood that uncle told her every thing that happened yesterday. uncle was sitting in the sofa. we also sat in the sofa. padma was not looking at there face as she was feeling shy about yesterdays incident. aunty brought us cool drink and we started drinking. Uncle and Aunty asked about our affair when it started, who proposed first etc.Aunty: you should not do this in the out door its very dangerous.Me: what to do aunty. we do not have any safe place to meet.Aunty:. . ‘ she excitedly thought to Lisa, waiting somewhere behind her in the darkness. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the belt securing her wrists. She managed to teleport enough of it elsewhere so she could get loose.She pulled her slacks up and put her blouse back on, sans bra, then continued up the street. Behind her, she heard Lisa approaching the unconscious guard, probably to make sure he didn’t wake up. Tanya wasn’t a murderer. In her entire life, she had killed only a handful of men.. We would have free time until then to look around and check out where every thing was. Of course Kim had to hold my hand as we strolled around the camp. She said she was afraid to walk alone so I begrudgingly (?) allowed her to hold my hand as we walked. Whenever we got to a section of the trail where we could not be seen we managed to sneak a kiss and a quick caress. The camp was laid out pretty well with specific areas for each of the lessons they offered.The campfire that evening was a gala.

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