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She wasn’t very pretty, and she definitely wasn’t very skinny. Not that I happened to notice either of these particular traits about her. What I n...ticed was her gigantic breasts. They were enormous! I tried not to stare, but I was probably not very successful. I’m pretty sure she caught me ogling her chest within the first minute. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I’m pretty sure she smiled a little, but I couldn’t be one hundred percent about that. I hoped it wasn’t my. They haven’t been fed in 48 hours. I am sure they will be hungry.”I thought for a minute.“Let’s make a change here. I would like the fruit to be brought in twice a day. Noon is fine, the other once the challenge is over. And leave the nuts out. Nothing they can do with that. I think I would like to leave them hungry, but not starving. We have to keep them alive for a few days.”“I will make the arrangements. Leaving the nuts may be tricky. I am not concerned about the girls, but it wouldn’t be. After Lakshmi finished all the work downstairs she came to the first floor to sweep and mop and do other dusting, I was busy internet surfing on my computer because one of my close buddies had given me some links to some free adult websites and also this website.Frankly me being a typical guy I had physical needs too and raging hormones with a crazy sex drive. To make things worse I was still a virgin till date never ever having got any chance to see a woman naked and the farthest I got was to. A. Bad. Girl." With every word, you give her a hard stroke and a hard smack on the ass. She continuously moaning, mouth open and hands curled against the desk. You grab her wrists and hold them behind her neck, making her even more submissive to your hard strokes. You balls hit her clit, and she cums again, tears running down her face in pleasure. You stop torturing her and begin to fuck her fast again. It's your turn to cum, and you have an idea to 'punish' her for being so cruel earlier. You.

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