This girl was in total control, she is surely, and it was later confirmed, a poker player that can control her feelings and emotions. I thanked her f...r allowing me to be part of her life and to invite me to join her at her house which I know could be a great risk to her. She told me that if it wasn’t for my dare to her, it would have not have happened at all. Hmmm…. I thought, she is up to challenges as well and today will be full of challenges. She offered to make something to drink, and we. It just felt good having it in my mouth. “Aaaagh! Uuuuugh!” Tophy was practically screaming in pleasure now. I had to stop bobbing my head for a bit to tell him to quiet down. His moans became softer, but more…sensual. He was squirming so much that I had to keep both my hands on him to steady him because it looked like he was about to faint.About another minute or two of sucking him, I stopped to give both ourselves time to breathe. Tophy was panting like crazy. “So, did you like it?”“That was. ”“Almost like making love to a stranger”, Savita continued as she rubbed her clit.Ashok, on the other hand, got completely naked.“You like that fantasy, Ashok? Fucking some hot random woman?”, Savita asked Ashok as she came towards him to blow him again.“Never thought about it. But that could be sexy”, Ashok replied.“Come here stranger, and let me fuck your brains out”, Savita pulled Ashok onto the bed.She made Ashok lie down on his back and started stroking his cock.“So, whom do you want me to. I closed my eyes and started feeling the pleasure of rubbing my own pussy. I forgot that Meenal and Rajeev are in my home.I opened my eyes and fuck-sake. Rajeev was standing looking into my eyes hardly 12-inches away. Before I could sense anything he sucked on my lips and inserted his tongue into my mouth. For next 2 minutes, we were eating each other’s mouth and fighting our lust with our tongues. I pushed him away and whispered: Rajeev pagal hai kya? Teri himmat kaise hui mujhe kiss karne ki..

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