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Of course, she hadn't told him what she was doing. As far as he was concerned she worked in the campus bar. At the end of the evening we exchanged pho...e numbers and I drove them back to their halls of residence.I may have been acting like an old fool, but I wasn't totally stupid. The next day I called the company lawyer and asked for the name of the enquiry agent they used. I gave the guy all the details I had and asked him to find out all he could. I didn't think she was taking me for a ride,. " She leaves Molly grinning as she takes the coffee back in and pours it in the sink, pinches Arnie on the butt, "Coffee makin' lessons will start in the mornng big guy." Arnie chuckles, "Oh boy, come early and be naked and I'll be ready and you can teach me anything you want." Sara raises her eyebrows and frowns at him, "Sounds like you got a case of hornies today, mister." Back in the bedroom, Molly says, "You think that's bad, you should have heard him talking to that one little nurse. I decided to test my theory. I just cut her off mid sentence."I'll be able to move out in a week or so."She stopped mid syllable and looked as if I slapped her. I could see the fight against tears start a moment later. I won't describe the indignant cavalier responses melting into increasingly desperate and angry phrases. Then came the crying. Perfect."You don't have to be homeless"She stopped at that to look up. I knelt down gently, and picked her up, legs over one arm, and back cradled. Nothing heavy or brutal, just some fun bondage here, a little spanking there, and a lot of hot, steamy sex everywhere.The tricky part was hiding our little den of debauchery from my eighty-five-year-old mother who was a full-time resident in my home. Fortunately, my aunt took pity on me and would take my mother every other weekend. Also, fortunately, Mom was a heavy sleeper even when she was home.One afternoon, I came back into the house after taking out the garbage, and couldn’t find Mom in.

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