Their room is located at the end of a short hallway and when I turned to look their door was closed but I could see that the light was on. At first I ...ust dismissed it as the house settling but then I heard it again, only this time it was a little louder. I muted the television. For a while it was silent but then sure enough I heard the unmistakable sound of her moaning. I rolled my eyes, smiled to myself, and continued to listen. From the sound of her moaning it was obvious that her boyfriend. It wasn't like me to attribute ulterior motives to people. Maybe it was my recent preoccupation with sex, or my crush on Sean. Maybe it was the way Mr. McLaren had looked at me the last time I saw him, or my own dark desires to have him ravish me."Why was I invited?" I asked."You're eighteen now and you'll be going off to college in two months. They wanted to celebrate with you." And that's all?" I asked."We'll go shopping tomorrow for some new clothes for you. You need to look your best.". The weird feelings of his body by finding a female one seen fromthe first perspective.Jerry's mind chose this moment to skip all the usual feeling. Anger,fear, confusion, and denial had all to wait as he fainted again.Jerry woke to a ringing sound. Not just any normal one. It was loud asif someone used a megaphone or played it on the biggest boombox.Groaning he opened his eyes and was at once blinded by the sunshine.Using his hand he could see the morning sun shining through his window.He could. M. time frame, and I ended up working an additional 1/2 hour. As such, with the lateness of the hour, I ended up taking a very late train to the Park & Ride. As it turned out, the serendipity was enormous - the timing perfect. Because it was nearly midnight when I boarded, the train was all but empty. I settled in for a 35 minute ride, anticipating an uneventful - quiet ride. The next stop was very quick, and a lone individual boarded the car in which I rode. She was ~20 - 22 years of age, dark.

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