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Please please" Martina pleaded."I don't mind. I've never practiced kissing two women before." Mario said.I got a look at Mario's body and even I was a...little turned on at how ripped this guy really is. He got up from my bed and then passionately kissed my lips the same way he kissed Martina when they were rehearsing. My hands touched his black hair while his hands found their way up and down my back. He then led me to the bed and softly kissed my lips again. Martina then slipped her hand under. Five minutes later, she’d got Sam under the shower and had coffee brewing while she dressed. Beth had returned to the kitchen when Sam came in, put his hands on her waist, and pulled her into him. Beth felt his cock pressing against her as Sam breathed in deeply and told her the coffee smelled good. “Get dressed and you can have a cup, but not before,” she said and Sam reluctantly released her.About ten minutes later, he was back in the kitchen and Beth said he’d have to drink the coffee on the. "Anyone here?"Perhaps He wasn't home. Perhaps I could just turn around and leave. Yeah, and perhaps the moon would eat the sun and the world would end a second time.The music of bells danced up from the depths of the cave. The first note almost stopped my heart and each passing moment brought the source of the sound closer.Despite myself, I backed up a step. My back foot hit something hard. I spun and slammed my fists into an invisible barrier that covered the mouth of the cave, right on the. Pace. Daddy wants to film you two so just act like I‘m not here.” Torrie never said a word as she stripped off her dress and climbed onto the bed between Mr. Pace’s legs. The camera watched as her mouth scooped up the head of his swollen cock and slowly disappeared between her lips. She smiled and started to make this wet, gurgling sound, obviously milking the head into her throat. Her hand wrapping around the shaft as she pulled her head back up.“Oh fuck me that’s good.” Mr. Pace uttered in.

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