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"Ich bin Klara," antwortete sie und gab ihm die Hand.Thomas erklärte kurz, dass es bei den Übungen gezielt um verschiedene Muskelpartien ginge und v...rlor anschließend ein paar grundlegende Sätze über die Praxis."Bei deinem ersten Besuch ist das selbstverständlich kein Problem," meinte er freundlich, "aber in Zukunft kannst du dich auch gerne schon vor den Übungen umziehen."Klara verstand nicht ganz. Sie hatte sich gerade eben schon umgezogen."Oh, aber das sind meine Sachen für die Übungen,". After lubing my finger and making it slip up inside me all the way, I sat, knees spread, balanced on the soles of my feet, reaching up inside of myself, first with one finger, then a second, and then, finally, a third, stretching my anus open as far as I could to make it ready for the dildo which sat on its suction cup next to me. As I probed, shadows of the deep feeling I had experienced were glowing and pulsing within me, through my anus and balls and cock, but also up into my ribs and chest,. It all flowed out in a torrential gush, and his cum-heavy balls churned and spewed out their hot, gooey fluid, shooting semen deep into Billie’s fertile womb. His buttocks strained against the exertion, and Rick held himself tight against her as he shot out streams of thick cum up Billie’s cunt, all the while shaking and shuddering from the effort, and toll it claimed on his own body. At last he sighed, falling back in a sweaty heap beside Kim on the bed. Billie rolled off him and onto the. ’ Elisha remarked, trying to lighten the mood a little. ‘Sure was.’ Jamie agreed as he glanced down into the dark hole one last time before heading toward his car. He still carried the torch they’d used to explore the small cellar and its secret chamber. As Elisha watched him open his car door and throw the torch in she could have sworn that he hadn’t flicked the switch off. The light had merely extinguished as Jamie’s fingers left the plastic casing which was odd to say the least. Instead of.

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