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He put my both hands above my head and kept them with his own hand. His other one adjusted my hips and legs for a deep penetration. I heated up immedi...tely. His thrusts were deep, but slow. We looked in each other’s eyes. Gosh, how happy I felt… The happiness that fulfilled me was a mixture of physical bliss and mental comfort. As I said before, orgasms wear me out, therefore, I try to avoid them. I enjoyed the loving, slow atmosphere we introduced. ‘You make me feel so meaningful in this. With luck we’d be across the valley in a day, going the way I intended.It turned out that the snow lying on the valley floor was for the most part, hard packed. Once past the portion where our expedition had passed, churning up the snow in their travel, the going was relatively easy, especially since my men and I were all wearing snowshoes. We’d packed them with us when we’d left our settlement, and while for the most part we hadn’t used them much on the trek back, because of the forested. Not with the creature this close.You duck under the descending, thorny branches of an overgrown tree and move without haste - something the creature chasing you didnt care to mimic as it sprinted on all fours into the spiky bramble.You exit the bush and finally risk your first glance back - the furry mammal is roaring and tearing against the vines. Held, but you could see it breaking free.“Fuck,” you breathe as you turn and run further down the road. Your eyes dart to the left. Before the. She swung around so that she straddled Jase's legs. At the moment, his cock was pushed out parallel to his legs, so his cock slid into her pussy slit as she turned around. His cock was long enough that it didn't get pushed into her vagina as she twisted around, so, no matter how she wiggled, his cock wasn't going to penetrate her.He wasn't touching her clit, but she was getting a tremendous amount of stimulation from just the general location, and the way his cock was pressing on her pussy.

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