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Quicker and quicker, faster and faster, wilder and wilder became the movements of both girls, Connie now plunging madly upwards, while Alice rammed he...self down on her with fiercer and fiercer thrusts of her raging hips and buttocks till the delicious crisis arrived! "Connie! ... Connie!" gasped Alice, as the indescribable spasm of spending thrilled voluptuously through her. "Ah-h-h ... ah-h-h! ... AH-H-H!..." ejaculated Connie rapturously as she spent madly in exquisite convulsions, dead to. It took him about an hour to fix all the pipes but he did a good job and we shouldn't have any more leaks. Willy is getting ready to pack up and I reach out to shake his right hand. "Thank you Willy, that was an excellent job you did." As we are shaking hands, I step up close to him, reach out with my left hand and cup his cock and balls. I say "If I knew how to give you a hand job, I'd give you one as a special thanks!"He does not appear shocked and is not pulling away. He replies "Gosh, I. Her tortured, drink-hazed mind droned on deliriously, the very haplessness of her situation excusing away some of the weird, masochistic sensations which were beginning to flutter in her belly and loins."Stroke my balls!" McDonald rasped down at her lovely, cock-filled face. "Take them, but be gentle. And suck! Suck harder!"Carla sucked and licked in earnest, and as she did, the lewd words pouring into her ears spurred her on, and a great shudder passed through her as she became enveloped in. I am not over exaggerating either!”I had seen Virtu Images of the Nul-Nul, Petharians and the Shiss and many others, but I still was highly skeptical.” Even armed with swords and axes?”“I told you, strength is rarely a deciding factor in a real fight, even here on Nilfeheim. It is skill and technique. What good is the best and sharpest ax in the hands of a man who never wielded one? You bested that Stoner kid with skill. He was stronger than you. You killed Rock Sharks and the Tyranno’s how.

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