" Will you come back tomorrow and tell me all about it?" she asked.Remembering how Kitty enjoyed hearing a juicy story, I answered without consulting ...hyllis. "Yes, we'll give you all the details."Phyllis said goodbye to Kitty, and left the room, presumably to give us some private time together."She's a little nervous about what her dad will say. I'll work on her and we'll have something to tell you tomorrow," I said, and watched Kitty's eyes light up with excitement. We said goodbye and I. He bicycles everywhere he can and had discovered a spot that he thought would be perfect.Near one of the local rail road tracks there is an access road that leads under a bridge by the river. It's a huge piece of undeveloped land in the city. You can park on a street and walk into the land with no problems or hassles.So we agreed to met and he took me to his new spot. The road is fenced off from the rail area and he manged to find a three foot gap between the fence and the bridge in a spot. He began moving back and forth, in and out and I had a feeling this wasn’t going to last very long. I then slid off of the couch onto my knees as Eric kept thrusting in and out of my wet mouth. I was slobbering all over his cock, making it glisten with my spit. I reached under and played with and massaged his balls. I could feel them tightening up and knew he would be cumming soon. He then took one hand off of my head and put it around his cock and began stroking it, as his other hand was still. It was no secret that Bill had wanted Michelle door a long time. He had tried often, but was always rebuffed.“Don’t tell anyone, but I scored some roofies this week! These things work like a charm!”Just then the door opened and Michelle grabbed Bill’s shirt and pulled him into the room. “See! You should get some of these!” Bill laughed as the door closed.Cris stood in the hallway a few minutes, his thoughts conflicted. He liked Bill, but this didn’t seem right. He knew there must be some.

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