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"Oh, that is nice Heather. Please do it to me again. Try to get me right on the nipple."I looked at her like she was some kind of crazy person but I to admit it felt good to hit her on her big jugs because I was kind of envious of them.It must have looked funny if someone was watching to see us sitting on top of the bed. Maisie was leaning forward so her boobs would swing down a little bit and I was on my haunches using my hands and slapping the shit out of her breasts. I loved the meaty. Kira couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement as Shawn's manhood was thrust into her open mouth. She could feel the tip of his penis teasing her throat, threatening to go deeper and cut off her air supply. Shawn's thrusting was slow at first, but soon became fast and forceful. Shawn grabbed the back of Kira's head with both hands, using it as a handle for his vigorous insertions. The intensity of Shawn's pelvic motions made Kira's senses come alive. She moaned as the heat building between. When I got home I told my wife Sharon that I had to go away on a business trip for two weeks. That night we had one of the most amazing nights we’d ever had. Sharon and I did about every sex position possible. When I came out of the bathroom from my shower Sharon was already in bed. Without a word, I walked over to the bed, my cock getting harder with each step. I pulled back the sheet and slid in beside her. Sharon’s pale blue nightie was sheer and I could see there was no bra strap but she. Wo boli thik hai. Aur maine ek jor ka jhatka mara. Wo buri tarah se chila uthiaaaaaaaaa. Maine dekha ki ab mera pura lund uske chud me chala gaya tha. Aur radha ki choot se khoon nikal raha tha main radha ke gulabi honto ko choosne laga aur aur uske nipple ko maslne laga radha ki aanko se aansu nikal rahe the maine kaha bas thoda aur bardash kar lo radha to woh kehne lagi aap ke liye to main kuch bhi kar sakti hoonlagbhag 10 miun baad radha thodi normal hui to main apna lund uski choot me ander.

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