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Most of Camille's college expenses were paid by scholarships, and Kristen and Will helped her out as well. Will's apartment was about an hour or so aw...y and he made an offer to Camille that she could use his place to crash on long weekends if she just wanted to get away from school, or even if she just wanted to spend some quality time with Will.I found myself missing Kristen for the two weeks she was gone. I turned down her invitation, since I was curious if Kristen would engage in a threesome. I am hungry.’ she said. He smiled again and left. She went over to the table and sat down on the chair and tasted it, cautiously at first. She liked the way it tasted and ate, and drank the coffee. She felt energized. Ready to do battle with what ever and whomever brought her here. ‘Okay, I Have had it!’ She said loudly. ‘I know that you are watching me, you wouldn’t have brought me somewhere where you couldn’t. I just want to know who you are and why I was brought here. Where ever here is!’. “I see you and boys in yard naked and doing it.” Sure enough, apparently an upstairs window could see her and the boys fooling around. Damn!She replied, “No, I cannot do that with you.”“But Miss Helen, do you want me to tell your husband? Let me in.”She was stuck and opened the door, unsure of what would happen next. Raul was very polite as he entered and her tension went down. He took charge, “I see your big ones from far away and want to see them close now.” He reached out and opened her robe. With a start, she recognised the voice. It was Zak. He took her in his arms and was pulling her closer, but she pushed him away.They danced to the slow song at arm's length."I miss you," mumbled Zak plaintively. "Any chance?..." Sorry Zak," she said. "You blew it. She wasn't the only one, was she?"He had the grace to look guilty."I've learned my lesson, Cassie," he said. "I don't do that sort of thing any more. Wouldn't you give me a chance to prove it?" You're too late," she said, "I'm with.

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