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“I take it you’ve never seen Gillen Hawksley in battle. I have. It was three, maybe four seasons ago – before she’d taken the mantle of First ...f the Third – and we were up in a skirmish against the Tylnanari militia – what Tylnanari claims are common ruffians. Chaos, they’re better equipped than some of the Queen’s Guard.”She shook her head. “Regardless, I was there with the thirty-eighth and Hawksley was with the thirty-seventh. We were forty up against nearly a hundred, maybe more, and the. Oh hell, I’m scared shitless of going down that road again. And yes, I realize that you’ll be getting married, having k**s, and all that stuff, some day. Then I’ll really be alone, but until that day comes, I’m really quite happy just sharing my life with you. After that, maybe I’ll rethink this existence, and look for a good woman. Now, why did that come up? Did you meet a guy that you’re afraid to tell me about?”, he softly said to her.“But aren’t there times when you’d really like to be with. “I can’t let Danny know about my idea yet. Gotta break it to him slowly. And especially when Ms. Morality isn’t around.” Sam flops down on Tucker’s bed as Danny stands beside him. “Hey, Tuck. We came over to see if your ego has healed from what Valerie said to you.” Tucker begins to reminisce.It was earlier in the day, He, Danny & Sam were coming out of the Movie Theater when Valerie, carrying a Specter Detection Device that she stole from Fenton Works, runs into Tucker, knocking them both to. He had a certain smell that was slightly off but was turning me on. He grunted a lot. I pulled back his foreskin & licked his head thoroughly I was enjoying this guys reaction so much. His head was all the way back. I have a strangers cock in my mouth while being fingered on all fours and have another guy watching the whole thing! Certainly not what I had planned for this evening. Would my friends judge me harshly for this? What would I say if I were hearing this for the 1st time? I didn't care.

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