Sharon called two days after our "ten questions" afternoon to claim her first forfeit."Joe, can you come to Kim's party with me Saturday?" What party?... Kim's having a barbeque and she's invited a lot of people. I want to go but Allen might be there." So you want me to go as your date?" No—" Good, because Allen would never believe we're dating." I know that," Sharon said. "It's that ... well ... I just don't want to be standing alone if he shows up with someone."This didn't make sense to me.. He scooted to the end of the couch cushion so she could straddle him better with her tanned soft smooth legs around the sides of his fat white waist. He rested his arms on the top of her thighs and rubbed and squeezed her fit waist and Mexican tanned midriff, the skin of their bodies were sliding and sweating together. She was gently rocking on him. . She felt and looked so hot on him that he only last 45 seconds. As she felt him shiver and shake, like he was going to cum, she thrusted her. I hope you didn’t mind.’ ‘Hey, I’m working for you. Take what ever pictures you like.’ ‘This is so great,’ Henri said. ‘I think we have a series of some very marketable photos. Now let’s see how well you can pose for the camera.’ The first set was a group of boxes, stacked and draped with a blanket. George positioned me on the boxes and Henri started to direct me on how he wanted me to move. As I twisted this way and that, moving my legs straight, bent, open or closed in different degrees, I. She stopped me and said that its ok dear its only you and me here whats there to hide in your body as you are a boy and not a girl and don’t be shy its only me and had a wicked smile on her face. I was confused by her behavior and went to the switch box for checking the fuse wire. So the fault was that her fuse wire was broken so I removed the broken fuse wire and replaced it with new wire and now the power was restored in her flat. She thanked me for that.When I was about to leave to my flat.

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