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She wasnt on the pill and we used condoms which I hated, We had sex in the shower which washed away all the blood. No woman I've been with since would...do that. I went out with Anne for nearly two years and during that time I learned a lot. She of course knew about my love of her underwear and would dress up accordingly for me. She, on occasion, would even take me shopping so I could chose. That was fun, but not as much fun as when she would tell me that she had a surprise for me. Those were. I still haven’t established my own sanity yet. That will be the first test. Then let’s see if I can feel Donnie’s babies. Well, that still won’t establish my sanity, will it? Rather the opposite, I should think. There’s only one thing for me to do now. Give Dee Dee those promised orgasms. The rest will have to wait. Donnie’s Story It was late Sunday morning when my water broke. I was in the bathroom performing my morning rituals when it happened. Strangely, I wasn’t nervous or scared. I calmly. She said OMG as his huge black popped out and she started stroking it and he was massaging her white breasts with one hand and had her skirt raised squeezing her white ass with the other. He asked if it was bigger than mine and she said "oh god yes, much bigger. He said that is what he wanted to hear. He had her skirt up around her waist and reached down and pulled her panties off. He led her over to the back of his patrol car and said "maam, you have know idea how long I have thought about. ’ Seeing that I was still in a state of shock, Grandpa asked, ‘How’s Running Deer doing? Don’t you think you better go check on her?’ Going over to her I saw she was now awake and doing a lot better. The fever seemed to be breaking. Both she and Little Doe had big smiles on their cute pixie faces, making me even more nervous. ‘How are you feeling? Still hurting real bad or is it better?’ I asked Running Deer while I felt the mud cast to see if it was drying correctly. ‘Still hurts but much.

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