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" Please don't lie to me, I know she is your wife," Sammie said as she interrupted Davy."Ok, she's my wife, and now let's get out of here. Samantha, h...ld Amber's hand. Sammy, take her free one and I will take your other," Davy replied as they each took their hands and he formed the gate.Amber's mind was racing from what she was seeing but she wasn't going to question it after they had just saved her life.The gate formed and Davy walked them through it to the hotel room where Cindy was playing. I sat back down and just watched the TV while looking at John out the corner of my eye. A couple of minutes passed untill the silence was broken again by John saying "Rob, have you ever seen a penis before?" i said no. He stood up and walked over to my chair with his cock in hand he stood in front of me and said "go on, get a good look. You can touch it if you would like" I reached out a hand and grabbed it. It felt so soft but hard at the same time. I moved my hand down to his smooth balls and. The outflow of pre cum taste in her mouth made her tongue twirl and twist around the hard cock length more fervently. She could not help to satisfy her curiosity with more vigor and zeal. She had plenty of chances already to drive the boys with her plump, soft lips and power packed tongue. She was not going to show any dereliction now and made sure, her tongue hit every cock muscle she could taste. She sucked him shallow, she sucked him deep and even tried her best to take him in the throat. "Her father touched her face. "And you both carried the plot somewhat farther, didn't you? Like getting me and your mother together again?" Oh yes," she breathed, dropping her hand to his thigh and sliding it down to feel the big, soft lump of his organ. "You and mom belong together, and we want you to stay together. A divorce could split us all up, separate the family. Do you want to let me go now? Don't you want to keep on fucking me?" Of course I do," he answered."And mom must feel the same.

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