"Oh wow they look soo sexy, I want to just bury my face in them!" his eyes filled with intense lustfulness."Then what are you waiting for, play with t...em!" smirking inside.He then sucked on my nipples making my pussy soo wet. His moist wet lips against my nipples makes my body tingle with excitement. "Oh yess" Letting me smother his face with my big breasts. Umm how much that felt good. Pushing my back against the couch, kissing my bellybotton making me squirm. We decide to head to the master. He got hard immediately,and after a few minutes I started stroking his shaft with my right handin rhythm with my mouth, and it wasn't long till he moaned and twitchedand his cum splashed against the roof of my mouth, then splashed asecond time before slowing to a trickle. I'd moved my lips to thecockhead and let him empty his rather mild tasting juices into me, andwhen he was done I straightened up and swallowed down my mouthful andfelt the warmth moving down my throat.He said 'Thanks' and. I decided to thrust it in a bit further than usual. The vibe was about 9 inches long, and as I pressed ahead I could feel Carol flinch a little every time it went further home, but she – like Kellie on my cock – was loving every second of it.The girls carried on like that for a few minutes until Carol said “I want to watch you fuck Kellie properly...” and she got off the bed, took the vibe with her and sat in the chair by her dressing table, toying the vibe against her clit. Kellie looked at. Mine isas fucked up too.” Marcus, another guy from work,joined us too and added his opinion, “Nah bro, thesedamn women need to be taught a lesson.”“How can I teach her a lesson,” I asked them well totell the truth I am not the best of friends with thembut I was hot in my head and I was pissed with so muchalcohol.Marcus laughed, “Leave it to me. I will devise a planand make her regret her behavior today.” Then he winkedat Jake and me. Suddenly I felt.

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