I seem to be one of the ones where it takes longer. It may never go away and I will be stuck wearing these things to be able to see in anything but ne...r darkness. It seriously sucks, but I didn’t die from it, so I guess this is what I get in exchange for my life.”It was a short ride on the bus and then we were separated. I went back out on the course I had been on last night. As expected, I had to do it increasingly faster, with no errors, before I got to have lunch. Not quite sure how I pulled. Just my kind of guy.The second guy is Trev, he is 24yo, and Aussie who got a job over here after uni and is still here. Trev loves speedos and had a pretty wide selection of AussieBum’s. Trev is not out and lives with his sister and her boyfriend - which rules out going back to his place. What speedos Trev is going to wear is a secret but he’ll definitely be wearing a pair of AussieBum’s of some description. Trev is about my height and build with dark hair which had a little blonde in it. On. I was quite caught up with it as my hard on was nearly painful.He spread my ass wider and plunged his tongue deep in my ass and tickled it with his tongue, The next thing I felt was his finger and I looked back at him wondering what the hell am I in for? I skipped up as his finger sunk home and i gave a yelp-giggle. I felt his finger pressing inside me and i felt my cock began to ooze. I wasn’t cumming but it dripped from the head of my cock and felt wonderful as he milked me with his. My body shook and my eyes rolled back into my head. “And after the game we are going to go to the Halloween party that Derek hosts every year and you can bring him into the back room and we can fuck him together!” My body was shaking out of control now. And with Kayley’s plan explained she started to eat me out. “Fuck Kayley I’m going to cum again.” I exclaimed." Kayley worked her fingers hard into my pussy while sucking on my clit. I couldn’t take it and I orgasmed again, bucking my hips and.

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