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Her blue boycut panties were soaked. I started kissing the inside of her legs, running my tongue up and down them. After a while, I pulled her the side and started licking her clit. Running my tongue up and down, tasting her virging juices in my mouth. When I started licking her G-spot she went crazy. She grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy. Screaming and moaning louder and louder. She started begging for me to stop, but I kept going knowing she was about to have her. Slowly, he unzipped his daughter’s dress and let it fall down to her legs, leaving her with only her bra and panties on. “Ooo~ Daddy…” She purred, “It took me hours to find that dress and you’re just casually throwing it on the ground? Shame on you…”“Don’t worry sweetie, you’re most beautiful when you’ve got nothing on. You’re natural, naked beauty is the best.” He then gently started nibbling on Emily’s ear, making her let out a small moan. “Oh daddy, we shouldn’t be doing this. We’re family,. " Just going to be you and me on this?" Hugh wanted to know."Looks like it. I'd hoped that Ted would be helping too, but Lester says it isn't in the cards. We may have this, alone, for the duration. Let's meet here tomorrow morning at 8. No, make it 9:30. Lester won't be in that early."Sam then called Douglas Ferguson, arranged to meet him in front of Emma's house at 5:30, and told him Susan Hatfield would also be there. He called Susan at her office and she agreed to meet him at Emma's. He had. I told them that we would walk them home, and they were pretty happy about that, but my mate didnt fancy his and said that he was staying at a friends house in the opposite direction.So I told the girls that they would just have to share me.We started to walk with me in the middle and the girls both linked me as we walked along.I kept stopping to give my girl a kiss, and every time that I did, her friend put her hand down my trousers and fondled my dick.I was so confident that tonight would be.

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