With every phone call he could tell that Raven was becoming more interested in him. Was she falling in love with Paul? He asked himself. Paul was afra...d of the answer. He feared not to be able to live to her expectations and needs. Paul wanted to be the best man she ever found, the pinnacle of her dreams, the man who would care for her and her son. In turn, Paul saw in her the woman with whom he would want to grow old, and whose eyes, he hoped, would be the last ones he would see before. Her nipples were surrounded by large areolas, but the startling thing were her nipples themselves stuck out about ¾ of an inch in sheer stiffness. They were obviously very sensitive as she was spending as much time on them as on her clit. Her nipples were shiny too from her wet cunt. Her pushing the sheet down more made my cock really harden as she revealed wearing her suspender belt and stockings showing off the delicious white of her upper thighs near her fast moving hand. Watching her. .. he begins a firm, pumping pace at once, taking you roughly against the side of the building... mere meters away from better than twenty men, all enjoying a late-night drink. He is dimly aware of your hand sneaking down your front to play between your splayed thighs.. aware of the fluttering of your sex around his rigid length. HIs eyes flicker to the tavern entrance, where a man and his slave have just left. One hand clamps over your mouth at once, his middle finger slipping between your. "Open up" I said after a few spanks to the mouth and again I started ramming it down his throat. "Ok that's enough bitch" I said " now turn your ass around." He said "yes ma'am" and did exactly as told. I grabbed his tightly wrapped balls and began to spank them with my dick. He gasped everytime I hit them. I knew it probably hurt him but I didn't really give a shit. This bitch was mine for whatever I wanted to do to him. I gave his hairy asshole a few hard slaps with my cok and spanked his ass.

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