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" Tom, leave us alone for a while. Let me talk to her. Maybe I can gether to trust me. She doesn't trust you right now, because she trustedyou to prot...ct her, and you let this happen. Just go somewhere for awhile, Go out to breakfast or something" she tells him."Fine. Do what you can for her. Marcus is going to be pissed if sheisn't ready for her 12:00." What?? Her 12:00? Tom, she's in no condition to do 12:00 tomorrow, ormaybe even the next day. You tell Marcus he'd better cancel. Is thatall. They had been discussing it over breakfast, and Alice had said, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we could create a vaulted ceiling, and kind of a faux rough plaster finish?” “We could do that by using chicken wire as a form, and laying plaster over it, then painting the whole with one of those sand paints, that is meant to leave a stippled finish,” Gerald replied, “but don’t you think we ought to see what kinds of units are available first? We don’t want to build anything that we’d have to tear out to. " Cydney got a towel to wipe herself off then got back in bed with me. "What's on the agenda for today sweetie?" "Spending the day with my girlfriend." **Two Weeks Later** "Honey, I'm home!" "I'm in the kitchen baby."As soon as I entered the kitchen I was greeted with the sight of Cydney, wearing a long apron and standing over the stove. After our night of intense love making at the hotel, I went back home, ready to face the reality of my new life. The next few weeks had been better than I. I was so angry by what she did. I went back & the only thing I had in mind was to jerk off. An idea struck me. I crept into her wardrobe & sneaked out a pair of bra & panty & I rushed to the study room. I smelled them. As they were fresh ones, I didnt smell any of her aroma. Still, the big cups of her bra was more than enough...I started stroking myself vigorously. I poured some oil on my cock & lubricated it. As I was placing it back, the bottle slipped out of my slippery hand & broke making a.

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