The motel innkeeper was from India and he kept his small clean motel busy by running his own porno films after 10:00 pm at night till 5:00 am in the m...rning on a special channel ! One midweek evening I checked in late about 9:00 and at the same time an attractive couple drove up beside and checked in the room beside me. As I walked to the ice machine retrieving a coke and ice for a late night drink , the husband came up beside and mentioned that he and his wife chose the old motel for the. Not until I got to my quarters and read my own instructions." I would never doubt your word Ma'am."They reached the Solitary Building and Rosanne unlocked the outer door. Soon Lisa was back in the underground reception chamber and the shaking that had impeded her attempt to shave earlier, became uncontrollable in this place of ghastly memories. Rosanne got her into a chair and put both arms round her, soothing her as one might a frightened animal or a child."I know. This brings it all back.. Wo bahut jawaan aur sunder hai. Jab hum joint family mein rehte the aur uski nayi-2 shaadi hui thi tab mujhe uski biwi bataya karti thi ke woh kaise apna lund chuswata hai aur uski chut chaat ta hai. Main ye baatein sun-2 ke us se jal jati thi, kyun ke shaadi se pehle main kayi jawan mardon se chud chuki thi par mera pati to mujhe kisi bhi tarah satisfy kar hi nahi pata, uska lund 5 inch ka hai aur mujhe 8-9 inch se kam maza hi nahi aata. Ab main us din ki kahani par aati hun. Meri kaam wali. I agreed because one thing about me is, I LOVE TO DANCE!!!! So we continued taking throughout the night, since neither of us had to work in the morning or the next day. He asked how long I had been dressing, and I replied, "About a year, ex-gf left a bunch of panties over, and I tried some on one day and loved how they felt." He told me about before the wife he would frequent clubs and bars and fuck all the cute sissies. He seemed, to have a story for everything! Hardcore, interracial, bdsm,.

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