" No, my child ... you may think so but ... it will happen again ... I have to ... I must ... do something more." Father Murphy released her legs and ...hey flopped out weakly, cradling his hips. Drained though he was, the sight of his luscious conquest lying spread-eagled beneath him was bringing on a resurgence of his lust even as his emptied organ deflated within her."What, Father? What must you do?" There's only one way, Sister Susan. I must ... it's what I had to go to a prostitute for only. Beth accepted his load and the small climax. But before the next man could take his place, she announced to them all. "To any of you that are jacking off please come in my mouth. I don't want to waste any come on my body, I want to drink it all." Just then the man on her right, turned her head and ejaculated in her mouth. Beth groaned as she now had two loads but only had to suck one cock. Her head was now turned to the left and again she received another load. Before she could swallow the man. . why don’t you take off your t-shirt too...”As I smiled and pulled off my t-shirt, she said slowly “Jignesh beta ... You know you have a hot body ... when I see you I wish I was young like you...”As she came and sat by my side on the bed, she was looking at my well muscled torso with desire, and gently placed her thick pudgy hand on my chest. I settled down more comfortably in a lying position on the bed, while she placed one hand on the bed, and began to caress my chest with the other,. ??For what?being human? Believe me, Jonathan you have nothing to be sorry for. You are a survivor. You should be proud of yourself.??Is that what they teach you in social worker school???No, Jonathan that’s what I learned in human being school.? I felt so ashamed. I had repaid her kindness with cutting sarcasm. I tried to apologize, but she wouldn’t listen. She sat me on the bed and unbuttoned my shirt. ?Where’s the lotion???In the bathroom, on the toilet.? She rose and walked out,.

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