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The first was my moral code. I used my ability as sparingly as possible because I wouldn’t have liked it if other people were poking around inside m... own mind, and I was especially reluctant to use it on someone who depended on me. And secondly, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stomach what I found. I’d see the haunted look in Tiny’s eyes sometimes when a suppressed memory forced its way to the surface.I made a decision.“I’m going to make you an equal partner,” I said. “I think McAllister and Scott. Eww! But, fish do it. Then she noticed Grace and the lap full of kits.Grace spoke a few words in Cat ... Mom Bob looked at me.Grace said, "Isabelle. This is my brother, David. David, this is Isabelle." And, so help me ... Isabelle held out her right paw. We shook."Pleased to meet you, Isabelle." Murglefpt," said Isabelle. She showed her teeth ... I showed mine. She moved up and sniffed my breath and breathed on me. I sniffed hers ... EWW! Rotten fish! She bent her head."Bump heads, David,". “Max, am I hearing you right? You want to fuck me, your mother?” she asked, completely bewildered. I nodded. “Yes mom, I want to make love to you. That’s what I want for my eighteenth birthday.” She shook her head, like she could not believe what I was saying.“Max, why would you want to fuck me? Even if I was not your mother, why would you want some fat broad like me?” I laughed as she said this. “Mom, you probably said the same thing to dad. I’ve been with a lot of women, many different kinds,. For him I'd do anything he asked. I would be the proudest slut I could be. "YES. Yes I'll be your slut. I will always be your slut James. Whenever, wherever, anytime anyplace. I'm your slut now. My cunt is yours to do with as you please... my cunt, my ass, my mouth... all of me." Good. Lets go my slut."We left heading out to the movie theater. As we got there I realized that James had a far more different thing in mind that I had for a movie. It was an adult arcade. Here I was, dressed showing.

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