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Dave took in the penthouse; they were standing in a very smartly decorated lounge room, straight ahead of them were two three-seater sofas and a coupl... of lazy boy chairs, they had been arranged in an arc facing the wall to our left, which had a TV on it. Behind the sofas were large ranch sliders opening out onto a balcony with a fabulous view of the harbour. The seating didn’t look right, but Dave ascertained that the hotel knew what was happening that night and had rearranged the seating in. He could hearsirens in the distance as he approached. But then, the man who had beenhanging out the window firing at the Mustang jumped from the Suburbanand ran toward him. David froze when he saw the gun in his hand. Theman reached the driver's door, and tried to pull the door open, but itwas twisted by the force of the impact. Then, grabbing the handle andputting his foot again the side, the man pulled with all his might andthe door popped open. David could see that inside the driver. Jason kept murmuring under his breath, audible to no one but himself: "Please, Mara, stop... Mara, don't do this..."Imagine having the control over you slip just a bit like this.Melinda sobbed once, her hands clenching. Heather took a single, breath and let it go, her body quivering. The boys groaned, Richie shaking his head.Which do you prefer, release or return to slavery?"No more..." Heather murmured, unable to command her voice to rise above a whisper. "No more, please..."Easy decision? It. . slap! she hit her moms face with all her might.Damn that stung my hand she thought.Helen screamed in pain through the panties stuffed in her mouth.Now cunt she said to Helen I will remove the panties from your cocksucker but if you shout or say one thing derogitory to me back they go do you understand slut? her mom nodded yes.Katie pulled the duct tape from her moms face and removed the now white panties from her mouth.Looks like you sucked all the cunt juice and poop stains from these.

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