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She was to wear a sweater of her own choosing but long enough to pose as a dress. For this, she chose to wear her striped sweater in a deep purple col...r with black stripes and along with it, she wore her black sweatpants that she only wore once or twice and was ashamed to admit how much she had actually spent on them. Ava had two more requests and that was to wear her hair tied in a tail and to wear a G-string or preferably nothing underneath, she said something along the lines of “It would add. ‘Ohgodohgodohgodohgod…’ He burst like a fireman hosing the inside of a building, splattering her insides. What seemed like gallon after gallon of hot cum burst into her slippery sex, the female puppeteer yanking her marionette’s body with each additional squeeze of her greedy inner walls. All the time, her sweet murmurings into his ear coaxed further mini blasts from her sex toy. Yes Eddie… let it go… cum for Carly… good boy… give me that seed, honey… When he came crashing down from their high,. I got the idea tha she was missing a sex session.she wanted it since the day she came.She started rubbing my tool so I went out of control and then leaps onto me and started kissing me wildly.I moved aside the pillows and pulled her completely over me and started massaging her ass.It was smooth and round.She was moaning a bit.I then removed her Shalwar and shirt and started massaging her breasts.They were soft and fair with light pink nipples.I started pinching her nipples and chewing them.They. We kept kissing on for a long time with hunger. Now he got my boobs and started squeezing very bad. I gave him complete access to my body.Now he took off my t-shirt and sucking my boobs and nipples and biting my boobs. I was in complete heat and started biting his shoulders and neck. Now he took off my pants and caught my very sensitive part and started fingering my cunt. This took me to heaven and I started shivering and shaking my ass.Now he went down and sucking my pussy. Now I was unable to.

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