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"I want to try using this."I regarded a bulb syringe. "Where did you get that?" I ordered it online. It's a ten ounce syringe. I figured, for a one an... a half quart enema, this would require five or so refills ... only two more than your pint enema." You've been planning this for a while..." My jaw dropped. "You ordered it from a competitor! I'm a little hurt, Lize. How could you?" He carries ten ounce bulbs and we don't," she replied. "We only carry six and eight ounce bulbs." I know..." Maybe. Just as Nikita was raising her single tail, I growled, “Red”. Ophelia’s heart jumped out of her chest. She smiled as she remembered what I had said to her earlier. "I can take care of myself, no matter what transpires.” I turned to face Mistress Nikita. She grinned and nodded her head. She then took a step back, lifted the whip over her head and swung her arm with a great speed. The tail of the whip cracked six inches from my face. It took immense self-control, but I didn’t flinch or blink.. Maybe even a couple o' custom jobs. Yeah Wally, you make sure she didn't pickup any STD's from the niggers she's been fuckin' an' I'll give you twenty five, no thirty percent more than you could get at any auction." Then he erupted into a robust laughter.As Michelle watched the two men bring in the first crate, then begin to tape the legs, angles and wrists of the black men, the realization of what was happening came home to roost. She managed a whimper, Marc honey, no, please, I'm your wife.. "Okay Bowie, time for us to get back to work," Rafe told his horse. "The family's going into town and Emma will want to say good bye."He put the bit back into Bowie's mouth; the big horse snorted and shook his head. "Hold still you big baby," Rafe said. He got the bit set, mounted and headed down the trail to the ranch.Emma, the two children, and Molly were already in the wagon when Rafe returned. He guided Bowie close to the side where Emma sat. William climbed over his mother to get to Rafe..

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