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"And even if she isn't, it sure sounds to me like there are a whole shitload of issues tied to her, and maybe you don't want to get caught up in all So just think about it, okay?" Yeah, you may be right," he admitted. "Thanks, Sean." No problem, little brother. Take it from me, dealing with girls is a minefield. You've got to be real careful. Slow and steady, or you just might find something blowing up in your face. And sometimes getting your rocks off just isn't worth the price.. Still it had some effect. The sudden burst of ammo startled the soldier and instinctively he'd shifted his position as he'd tried to bring his weapon to bear. His first shot at us lit up the growing darkness, but didn't hit anything but a tree. The affect was spectacular. The blast shattered the tree, throwing bits of it around. It also caused the others behind me to screech in fright. Then Vicky took her shot.The big rifle was deafening. It was also deadly and effective. One minute the Turtle. “I bet you’d really like it with him.”“Yeah, it’s always those strong silent types who are the best in bed, but I must have scared him. He ran away mumbling something about being married. Can you believe that?”“Sure, for one thing he doesn’t have a lot of experience with women and for another, I’m his wife.” Sandy stood there open-mouthed, never expecting the direction this conversation was taking. “You’re right, though—he is great in bed,” Jessie continued. “He has a huge cock. Sometimes. "No, we need a condom. There's some in the drawer here," I told him as I slid it open and he pulled out a packet, tore it open and rolled it on.He pushed and went right up inside me. When I came in the room and he stood up, I thought his penis might be a little longer than Dan's or Robbie's and now that he was pushing down into me, it sure felt that way."Laura, you're so beautiful, just like your aunt. She's the sexiest, hottest woman there is. And you're just a younger version of her. Oh, this.

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