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"Excuse me for a bit," she said, and walked out of the room. I sat with my heart racing, and felt I should make a face-saving retreat out the door as ...oon as she returned to the room. It was then I heard her say, "Trev...can you come here?" I walked down the spacious hallway past three bedrooms, and asked where she was. "In my room...sorry, didn't mean to leave you alone out there," she laughed. I entered her room, ans she was sitting on the end of her bed. "Please take your clothes. I clung to his balls, holding he breath, almost standing on my head for him. I shoved my head down farther until I could watch his balls and see my own cunt. ‘Push!’ I hissed. But it was I who pulled. I pressed my uplifted ass back, feeling the pressure of his cock poking at the ring of my asshole. I sobbed softly as I felt his swollen prick-head starting to penetrate. I felt my asshole stretching, felt a slight burning sensation. Peter, staring at the way my asshole sank inward, gripped my. I started to run towards my home. I ran back to my room and started to think what happened and why I liked it.But I enjoyed it and wanted more. But was afraid to say anyone about this. I had a best friend who was my classmate. I always liked him but never had gay feelings for him. I called him on phone and he told me to come to his home right now. He just lived in the neighbour so I went to his home. It was still raining. He had a big house and used to live with his parents and an elder sister.. Oh, you don't have to have sex, I know one married couple that has sex with everyone but the two of them. Peculiar, but it works for them. And I really missed holding his hand, or the way we'd roll together after sharing with a couple, and things like that. The next time I came to something like this, I wanted him with me.After a nice relaxing bath—our Minister's wife swears heaven must have hot bubble baths for the women—I wrapped myself in towels. I wasn't sleepy, so I turned on the TV. I.

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