” Sarah said.“That’s sounds great, but do you think that we would actually get any studying done?” Vanessa said. “Of course you would. It ca...’t always be a 24 hour fuck fest.” Sarah replied.“It can’t?” I said sarcastically.“Maybe just 12 hours a day.” Vanessa said. “That sounds good. I would like to do that. I just hope that my dad would be okay with it.” Vanessa said. “You’re eighteen now, you can do whatever you want.” Sarah said.“That’s true, but I want to have a stable family relationship. I really wanted to stride out down the street in my newpersona but was also very nervous about it. I knew from an alarm on myphone that I had some food shopping to do. The longer I put it off theworse it would be, so I grabbed the denim jacket hanging on the back ofthe door and raced out, almost skipping downstairs to the lobby.There I found a handsome young man checking his mailbox. "Hello Frances!"he called. "Er, hello" I stammered, blushing again and telling myselffirmly to stop fancying. I was light headed, almost giddy with excitement, it was all I could think about for hours and hours. However, I was also a bit annoyed. I mean, I have been trying to do something like that for years and finally, after all this time she decided to give in. So I thought I'd make her wait until it suited me...and I wanted to be sure that Kev knew when we did it too, it just seemed wrong to have secrets like that.So when I came home late one night and found her obviously braless in the kitchen. All the boothswere open - no one was there except me and the guy in the next booth who had just sucked my cock. As I got to the end of the aisle, the booth door openedand Charley walked out! I was floored, never thinking a pussy hound like himwould go both ways. Out in the dark parking lot I asked him, "was that you,man?" "Yeah, he said, I wasn't k**ding tonight when I said I'd do anything." Sucking a cock is a great turn on", he continued, "Don't tell me you've neverthought about it." The.

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