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They said she was wounded and they helped give her first aid and provided escort as you guys brought her back to where the ambulance met you."Officers...and gentlemen, thought Sam and Todd simultaneously."But I want the real lowdown. Give me something really good. My paper will pay well." Let me tell you what happened," said Todd. "They got the drop on us right after we got to the cabin. While they were tying up Sam and me, the Sheriff got away, then doubled back and got the gun she had hidden. It was about a doctor and a nurse.Sue being a nurse couldn’t resist medical fetishes.She pulled Jays shorts off and laid him across her lap.“Oooooo…” he moaned as she rubbed his back. Littledid he know what she had in store. Her clit was swollenand twitching as she watched the doctor on TV kissingand fondling his nurse’s privates.She grabbed a rectal thermometer and shook it down. Jaylooked around. “Oh no, you’re not”, he saidembarrassed.. suspenders and corsets in this small pub ;) I choose simple black leggings tight top covered by a leather jacket. On my way not once did i feel wrong or stupid. I felt right. I felt sexy. My heart was racing. As i had had a few drinks to relax, he offered to pay for a taxi for me. When i got in the taxi, i could see the the taxi drivers eyes on me. A middle aged man, looking at me, what was he thinking? Was my make up wrong? I checked. Nope it was fine. As we pulled up to the pub he turned. A couple of minutes later, I noticed that she was still there, in the same position, but with her eyes scrunched closed, and her mouth open, as if she were saying something. Strange! I thought. But, what the hell! As long as she pays me! And I kept on working. Around noon, she came outside, complimenting me on the nice job I had done on the grass. Thanking her, I noticed that the red Capri’s were missing. In their place was a denim skirt. She smiled at me and said, “Why don’t you come on inside.

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