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Shesmiled. "You're going to have to get used to that, sweetie. Girls oftengreet each other with hugs."I knew that, but I was also used to towering ove... female friends. Now,most of them would be bigger than me. It was one more thing I would haveto get used to.Anya sat at her computer. She said, "Could I see your card?"I reached into my purse and took out my wallet. I pulled out my two-daypass. Her fingers flew over the keys before she nodded toward the cardreader next to her computer and said,. He thought of her costume waiting for her in the office, as silly as it seemed, he found himself eagerly anticipating the chance to see her in it.Janice closed the office door locking it She looked at the mirror on the door it was full length. In a corner against the wall behind his desk there was a hand sink and small hidden medicine cabinet with shaving implements and aftershave. Looks like John used the area to shave, she thought to herself, wondering why that mattered to her, but it did.The. .." Nonsense!" she interjected. "I could have chosen to hide myself afterall of this changing, but somehow being in this form has made iteasier. Easier to love a man and not have people looking down at youbecause you may be of the same gender.Grant smiled. "So then everything works out for the'vegot this whipped!"Laughing at his naivete. "Hardly, hormones have been something elsealtogether! I hated my mood swings, being absurdly happy one moment,and then crying at the drop of a hat. Alexis would be here in about a half hour to spend the night, after running home to get clothes for the next day as well as her makeup. Today at work when I asked her to spend the night I thought she was going to jump out of her skin she was so excited. I gave her the key to my apartment and told her I would be waiting for her out on the balcony in the hot tub. I got in the water and lit up a cigarette and smoked while sipping my scotch letting all the worries of a long day slip from me as the.

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