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I hadn’t moved my hands on his shaft very long before he warned me it was about to explode. I caught most of it and then bent down to clean off the ...ead.He was amazed and stayed hard so I kept going and sucked another load out of him. I didn’t plan to go this far but things just seem to be following a natural progression. That wilted his willy. When he could focus again he asked me, “Since females don’t have a thing like mine, I guess they can’t masturbate.”“Oh yes they can! We just do it. No words were exchanged but the kiss went on for a long time before she slowly pulled away and I opened my eyes.Before I could speak she said “Brian, I want you to know that I’m no longer on birth control, so every time we make love there is a possibility you could knock me up, are you okay with that? ”she was looking at me with those big blue eyes unsure of what my answer will be, I responded with slipping my hands under my mother’s bum and lifting her up and pinning her against the wall….she. Specialized organisms were seeded at the equator, to try and build up biomass where the conditions were most favorable. Life on Torei began slowly to step outside, but it was all strange new breeds custom-built for that world.Since this was a breeding program, the human genotype was altered to produce nine females for every male. The reproductive systems and sexual drives of these humans were cranked up to unusual levels for maximal fertility. Each man would impregnate one woman per month, like. After a few people came and went this great looking lady called. Her name was Sandra, about 5ft 4 tall slim body and nice pert tits. We seemed to get on well, so we became roommates. It seemed to work out well, then I walked into bathroom one day and accidentally intruded when she was in shower, her body looks awesome, nice tits and omg cock and balls. I was shocked, she been living with me a month and hadn’t realised she was transgender. I just stirred and apologies to her, awkward. After.

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