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You will spoil your health. I am not against masturbation. It’s in your age to enjoy but do it behind the closed doors at least. Show some respect a... I am your mother. You are a grown up man now. Wear clothes”.It seemed like she wanted to say a few more things but suddenly stopped. Raju didn’t respond until she picked the courage to look into his eyes questioningly. This made Raju uncomfortable. But he too had a few things to say. He uttered a few unexpected words, “Mom, I love you. Not just as. Her post-orgasmic body was super sensitised and this penetration and electrification moved the pleasure to an altogether different sensation. It became agony. She thought she heard Robert say “This is to teach you never to oppose me”. She didn’t really understand these words as the pain became unbearable. Anita screamed loudly and continually, trying hopelessly to get out of her restraints. Then she lost consciousness..... Anita woke up. She was lying on the bedroom floor. It was getting dark.. As her body quaked with the force ofher emotion, so did her father;'s. This is real... Oh my God, it'sreally real. It's safe to believe now. I can believe he's real right?Right? He's holding me isn't he? And still, the evidence of hersenses had lied to her before and was not to be trusted."It's Okay Precious, I'm here. I'm home. I won't let anything happento you." Kim clutched at her father viciously, unintentionally drivingher shoulder into his adam's apple, straggling him in the. "He licked your pussy like I have taught him, didn't he?" Yes," I whispered. "Yes." And a little louder: "Yes." Oh, what a good boy," Cloe laughed. "Wasn't it wonderful? I really hope he was good on the first time."I looked into her sparkling eyes. "Have you... you two, have..." Oh, yes," she laughed. "Plenty of times, Granny, plenty of times. And I always got so horny when I was teaching him. It's not that easy, you know." Oh. I thought it was just something he did. I have seen dogs put their.

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