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Steph was going to be mad, I was sure, because Jeff would annoy her and Ed as much as he could.Internally I seethed, but there was nothing I could do....She’d just spoiled the evening in every possible way, even if I hadn’t been trying to do what Vickie wanted. I went to find Stephanie. I pulled her away from Vickie to my room and told her. As I predicted, she was super angry.“Why? He’s just going to annoy and tease me and Ed all night. He won’t bug you and Vickie because you’re cousins. He’s. I'd come to school, I'd teach, I'd go home. Repeat. All I really cared about was my paycheck and refilling my personal image bank with new images of perky asses, toned legs and devilish smiles. I'd broken up with my ex about two months prior, and the late night porn sessions were proving a bit more boring lately. And precisely when I was “snapping” another image for my bank, Erica approached me by surprise. I’d been deliberately staring at her friend Monica’s panties as she stretched down to. I SAID YES. SHE SAID OK THEN, COME AND FUCK MY ASS. I TOLD HER TO TAKE OFF HER SKIN TIGHT JEANS BUT TO LEAVE HER BOOTS AND TOP ON AND LAY ON THE BED FACING ME. SHE DID AS I ASKED AND SPREAD HER LEGS. SHE SPAT ON HER FINGERS AND RUBBED IT OVER HER ASSHOLE AND SAID COME ON THEN. I SPREAD HER ASS CHEEKS APART AND PUSHED THE TIP OF MY COCK INTO HER VERY TIGHT ASS. SHE SQUEELED A LITTLE BUT URGED ME ON SAYING, COME ON YOU CUNT FUCK IT. WITH THAT I forceD MY COCK DEEP INTO HER ASSHOLE ALL THE WAY IN. She dressed briskly, pulling on silky red knickers and a matching bra. I watched as if from a long distance as my premature cum began to ooze from her engorged slit before she pulled the panties over it and slipped into a fetching little black dress. She hadn’t, I noticed in humiliation, even broken a sweat from our session.I was about to ask, to beg again: she wasn’t really going to do this, was she? But before I could summon the words she picked up her phone and called a number.“Hey. Yeah....

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