After quick introductions, I said to the wife, "I understand this is your show, what would you like me to do?" She said, "Actually, I just sit back an... watch while he does his thing." I was pretty well set - I had a porn film up on the big screen, paused, and was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt - so I just stripped and lay back on the couch, hit "play" and let him do what he wanted. He got down on the floor between my legs and quickly engulfed my limp cock. She took a chair at one end of the. “The ones for your schedule will be of the house only, but I can do a few with you in the pics as a little memento!” He said rather confidently.“I think I would like a few souvenir photos of me around the house!” I grinned salaciously “We could theme them. Cook in the Kitchen, Lady in the lounge etc!” I said allowing his mind to decipher and decode my obvious message.“If you’re ok with that, I’d be delighted to photograph you around your home!” He smiled with just a hint of confidence.I walked. He paid the bill, and then helped her out the door. So where do you want to walk to? He asked, putting his arm around her. Just around for a little bit, then Ill be ok. Traci replied putting her hand on his that was resting lightly on her hip. They slowly walked toward the shopping center. The cool evening air was making her feel better. They talked as they walked, mostly about unimportant things. When Traci took her hand from his, she felt it slowly move up her side. Charles was a nice man,. I had just come home from a business trip and after a week was hornier than hell. This was in 2000, I was 42 at that time so was my wife. I had to travel maybe 4-6 times a year and really did not like it. We had a little phone sex while I was gone and she always knew each time I traveled that I wanted her to "dress up" in some new sexy lingerie to meet me at the airport. I was always excited to see what new "uniform" or outfit she would be wearing, plus it added to our already large sexy.

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