It’s my first story here so I apologize for any mistakes. You can give me feedback or can contact me on my email id – It happened when I was 18 an... she was 21; by the way let me tell you, she had a bomb figure such that any guy would pre-cum just seeing her movement. Initially I didn’t have any wrong feeling for her but one day when returning from college I expected nobody as usual as my sister was also doing her MBA but out of my knowledge she was at home that day. I directly rushed to my room. "You'd get classes in basic civic rights too. You'll need to understand those. Had you thought?"Sue-Linn nodded. "Oh yes, but I have studied things. About property rights and contract and, and, male disenfranchisement and positive female discrimination. I've learned a lot from reading and we had extra classes at school and..." I'm glad you're taking it all seriously." Mummy was very keen that I should. She says I have no idea what she had to put up with when she was my age and I shouldn't have. She gripped me tight as the second spurt hit with her cunt muscles squeezing every last drop from me, I collapsed on top of her and as out mouths met we engaged in the most passionate kiss ever, our tongues searching out each other’s mouths while she still had a grip on my cock. “Wow!” She said softly as I pulled out and stood up and she reached forward taking my softening cock in her mouth making sure she had got every last drop. She didn’t stop and carried on sucking my cock exploring every. When she was satisfied she pushed me back under the spray to rinse. ‘That felt so good – my turn!’ She turned around and handed me the shampoo as she wet her hair down. I poured some in my hand and went to work on her hair and head massaging her scalp as I worked in the lather. I could here small moans of pleasure. My mind was on overload from the magnitude of the feelings I was getting by this simple act of affection. As she rinsed I bent down and kissed her shoulder. My reward was the taste.

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