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He got some lube and lubed us both up, I was a bit disappointed that he lubed is ass, meaning he wanted me to top him, he was back on top of be and ma...euvered himself so that his cock ass was directly above my cock, it has been a long time since I fucked someone, last time was when I crossdressed and was another CD, more than 7 years ago! Anyway I lubed my cock and he pushed down on me taking my cock slightly inside him, he switched positions and wanted me to do him from behind, he was tight. That’s all I’m going to tell you this morning. Can you come over tonight? There are some surprises for me in the reading.”“There usually are. Sure, I’ll be over. Oh, I was wondering if the girls in your department miss me?”“You know they do. That goes for me too. I’ve almost invited you to come visit at home sometime during the week. Jake is all the time asking when you are coming.”“I come over every Saturday.”“I know, but it isn’t enough.”“Oh, okay, I’ll be over tonight. Do you want me to. We got to my bedroom and we started kissing. Moments later we were on my bed naked. He was much shorter than me and more flexible. He had his legs up over his head. He was able to suck himself as I rimmed his smooth soft ass. I jerked myself while licking it. I got up between his legs. He pulled his cheeks apart, showing off his willing hole. I pressed my tip down into him. He grunted and moaned as I drove deep into him. My thickness stretched his hole. It felt good inside him. I grinded into. “Go ahead,” he said, “Shoot me!”She stared at him, not understanding.“If you don’t, you’ll be sorry.”She shook her head, holding the gun, heavy in her hands.He sighed. “Okay, then. Have it your way,” he said brightly, and took the gun back, pushed her hard against the couch, starting pressing himself into her and laughing. Laughing.It hurt. It hurt. Like knives cold gun at your head. Like suffocating being strangled knives hands on your throat. Like surprise all of everything gone no way.

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