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I estimated that it would take two more C5 flights to get all the fence here and wondered if anyone had tried to purchase any in the big city three hu...dred miles away. It would have to be cheaper than the freight cost in a C5 or a c17.But then with the war winding down in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan maybe the Air Force needed flight time to keep the pilots and crews busy and certified. It was not like the government needed to say something was worn out in order to ask for replacement. “Wah are y’all bother’n meh?” she asked, clearly nervous. Not that I blame her; the encounter we were having was definitely on the weird side of weird. She didn’t know what my intentions were, and I must have gone to some trouble to find her after our previous encounter such that it was.“I noticed you staring at me, Billie Jean,” I told her.“Hah da’ya knaw mah nam?” she asked.“Says it right here on your truck,” I told her.“Ah see,” she said, although she clearly didn’t. Her being confused by. And maybe we'll knock our slave up as well."Judith shuddered as Dawn's tone, but her eyes also glowed at the thought of motherhood.Rebecca hugged her wife, then changed the subject. "I'm starving; let's see if anyone else is ready for dinner. I wonder how that works around here?"Judith spoke again, telling her mistress about the replicator technology, and the apparently limitless variety of cuisines available. Dawn put Judith's collar around her neck, and the cuffs around her wrists and ankles.. ...he began to thrust against me, throwing my rhythm completely off. I stopped to catch my breath, a little irritated.He sits up, wrapping his arms around me and turning our bodies, throwing me to the bed. Shoving his cock back into me, he lowers his face to my neck, sinking his teeth hard into my soft flesh. I inhale sharply, trying to keep from being too loud as my eyes roll back into my skull. His teeth loosen enough for me to shake free, and he pulls out of me, teasing me by pressing the.

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