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”“Yes, yes. Paint me my lover, I want to taste your sperm swimming on my tongue and covering my face.” I asked in a fevered state of sexual heat...Jets of thick, rich white protein streams then shot out of Doug’s chocolate piss hole, frosting my face. I quickly shut my eyes to prevent blindness as streamers of cum decorated my face. Streaks fired into my hair, across my cheeks, and onto my chin. One shot even went straight up into my left nostril, filling my nose with the scent of cum. After. The next weekend after a night out with my friends, and having a few too many drinks, I arrived home feeling a bit worse for wear. And extremely sexy as I was missing Paul my ex.I was alone as my parents had gone out for the weekend. Going to my bedroom I got a couple of blue films and my favourite dildo. I then took off my blouse, skirt and bra. Which left me in my small black lace knickers, slipping on a silk robe which Paul had bought me for my birthday, I went back downstairs.Putting the. With the exception of David and Gwyneth who I nowknew a little about, I had lived through an experience with a group ofpeople that was for me certainly and to some lesser extent to them, lifechanging. Yet as far as our relationship with each other was concernedwould not merit adding a lot of names to our Christmas card lists. Andyet, had the shipwreck not happened, would I have continued to live mylife as I had in the past? My two doctors, Duncan and Randolph boththought not, something would. I finally started to relax back with the group. Yeah, there are about a dozen of us, moving in and out of our little clique, but even within that dozen, we don’t all have the same interactions with each other. Thea’s husband, Randy, is a UK football player, but he’s pretty much an end-of-the-bench guy. He stays on the team because he has his full-ride athletic scholarship, and, since he’s married, both Thea and he get free room-and-board in Cooperstown, the married-and-graduate student UK.

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