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”Then she slipped off the sofa and got between my legs. “Why don’t you let me pull your pants down?”Without a word and in sort of a daze, I li...ted up so she could pull my pants down to my ankles. Then she rubbed my cock through my shorts and said, “Wow, Billy! Your hard-on is really nice.”I hesitated briefly, then took her hand in mine and made her stroke it. The image of my cock in Helen’s mouth was so vivid that I almost put my hand on her head and made her suck it.“Oh, Billy! I think you’re. She seemed shocked for a second and then a broad smile came over her face and she raised her face to mine and showered me with kisses. “Oh thank you, Uncle Jeff!” she said excitedly.“Okay, let’s finish up and have some breakfast,” I said as I gave her a little playful swat on her succulent ass. I turned into the spray and finished washing. I told her to take off the top and panties and she dropped them onto the shower floor and then it was my turn to use the soap on her. Her lithe young body. I part my lips and slip a soaped up finger into my slit. I make sure there is plenty of soap in my slit to clean it by inserting the cap of the bottle and filling my pussy full of the creamy white fluid. I remove the bottle from my tight slit, bringing some of the soap back out, then continue on the rest of my body. Once I’m soaped up enough, I detach the shower-head and begin washing the soap off. I started again with my breasts, gently massaging them as the soap washed away. I moved down my. " But SHE is sampling the product," said Joseph.During the ensuing silence, Joseph watched Natty, her face more concentrated in thought than he could ever remember. Finally it was too much to debate inside her head and she began telling Karen what she had told Joseph, about her father and his junkie friends. Karen had been passive, even amused when she told them about the Niemi legacy, but quickly realized the seriousness and the dilemma involved with Andy's choice of profit making endeavors.

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