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.Cat….Caaaaaaaaaat….fuck..I’m..cumming!’ The Draenei’s body shook violently in his hands, her tail snaking around his lower leg and wrappin... it’s way up to the knee slowly. It was a curious sensation but not at all…unpleasant. She threw her head from side to side, eyes closed and bit harshly at her lower lip, hard enough to leave a fading impression of teeth. ‘By…the…Naaruuuuuuuu…’ Petric held her roughly, squeezing both of her full breasts hard, rubbing his thumbs across her stiff, dark blue. The bolder i grew in my licking the more shallow i can feel ur breathing till i felt both ur palms on the back of my head pressing it with a very unnatural force against ur pussy , and then i knew u were awake just by how strong u pressed my head against u, and how u shifted ur body and spread ur legs to give me more access to deeper parts. no words were exchanged, no giggles nothing, just very controlled moans and shallow braething ,it felt very serious , very much so, not as simple or easy. I was relieved that it hadn’t gotten much thicker, it was more long than thick.“Suck my cock you white bitch.”I closed my mouth over the head and drew my lips over it. I did this a few more times and then licked the underside. I then began to take more and more of it into my mouth while stroking its base. I had about five inches in my mouth, I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and I began to work it in and out of my mouth.Dwayne reached down and pinched my nipples before. The substance that acted so well at relaxing my muscles was also having an effect like a d**g. But despite that general fuzziness, I knew immediately when the tentacles started moving in and out, stroking and pumping into my three holes. The wildest one being out and into my cervix. Now opened by the insertion of the tentacle it remained open enough to allow fucking right into my womb which generated a powerful sensation of long fucking strokes ending with a bump inside my womb.And then I.

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