I’ve known Leanne forever. It’s been a long time, dear.”“This is Carol Finch,” Jake said.“Now, Carol is new. I’ve never had the pleasure... But this doesn’t look like a social call. Do you want to talk to David?”“We would like to talk to both of you, Mrs. Fielding.”“Call me Connie, Leanne. Let me get David from his study. Why don’t you take a seat in the living room? I’ll get a pot of coffee started.”“Thanks, Connie, but none for me. I’m afraid our business is rather urgent.”“Certainly.”Connie. I had to ask him "what did you say?" He repeated himself, "is there anything that the lady would like?"Oh my, I'm the lady, the rest of the table is still droning on and on about who knows what. I looked up at him and said "yes, there is something I want". I reached over and grabbed him by his belt and pulled him over towards me. The next thing I knew I was undoing his belt and pulling down his pants, he was cammando, no undies, I loved it. Not only that his cock was shaved and smooth and. Whether it was my dreamy state or something else, I felt seem and warm.I heard him move towards the bed and kneel on it and lean towards me and I felt his lips touch mine in a gentle caress. He then moved over and kissed my cheek and then the side of my neck. It was wonderfully gentle but it sent tingles throughout my head and neck. He continued down to my upper chest, moving the covers aside to reveal my naked body ( boy am I glad that I sleep without clothes). The gentle kisses the continued. He wore stained blue jeans and a “Disco Sucks” tee-shirt. He lounged against his car, removed a pack of cigarettes from a pocket, lit it with a lighter taken from the same pocket and began smoking. Rosanna had turned to make note of him when he pulled up, but she now turned her attention back to Solace. They made an effort to complete their farewells, almost yelling. But the music precluded attempts at conversation. Neighbors stuck their heads out of windows to see who was disturbing their.

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