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" I said.The women seemed intrigued at where this was going, hanging on the words 'marry, tradition and memorialize'."The reason I will not be allowin... you three to serve me, especially you, Dana and Danielle, is I want incorporate your deflowering as part of our 'marriage ceremony'." I explained, using air quotes.The girls all became wide-eyed, sharing broad smiles between them, all except for mother. Bonnie would soon share her dismay tenfold, but for the moment, she hadn't fully understood. Still firm enough to stay within her, he knelt enough to pull her against himself, then managed to stand. He headed right for the master shower.Despite his initial determination not to get affectionate with her, he ended up combing her hair while she just stared at him in the mirror. She had not said a word since he had finished undressing her."Sean," she finally said, "none of the party men could do anything like that. Certainly not your father. Where... ?" In the mirror, she saw the negative. I started to stroke my cock again....jesus I was hard....I was about two inched from her cooze....the sweet pungent odor filling my nostrils making my cock throb to bursting point. "Your cock.....your cock... is purple!?" Kelly said. I looked down and saw what I thought was my cock, but it was his huge purple rocket! It was so swollen that I couldn't fit my fingers around it! And it had to be at least two inches longer then usual! I laid back and hunched up onto my elbows...staring at this. "Oh, all right, if I have to," I said in my worst Bill Murray impression and hauled myself out of bed and followed Fay to the bathroom where Luci and Nikki were just finishing up."Did you leave any hot water?" I asked as I stepped into the remains of the sauna that the three of them had created in the bathroom."A little, but you will have to be quick," Nikki said with an evil look. "Where are my emeralds Gary?" On the bureau next to Fay's jewelry," I said, putting shaving cream on my face and.

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