Her eyes lit up as she saw the tops of Jasmine’s nipples come into view. She had been waiting so long for this, and finally there they were, standin... fully erect in front of her. Gracie’s hands clasped around Jasmine’s beautiful brown nipples and began to roll them slightly. This made Jasmine let out a little moan. Jasmine couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying Gracie play with her nipples. Without warning, Gracie put her mouth to Jasmine’s chest and started to suck hard on her tits. As she. Same here. Go look in their suitcases. We may need to buy them some clothes. Probably some shoes. Maybe they can work along side the rest of us, in skin.’ Donna’s eyes got big. I knew she’d never done it either. Pale Feather and Donna went and looked. They came back laughing. I asked. Donna said, ‘There must me a thousand dollars worth of clothes in there, nothing worth putting on if you live on a farm.’ ‘Can you get sizes and go to town? We need clothes and shoes today.’ Sue drove. Donna. At least, in my hearing. I had no idea what they talked about when I was away, of course.It was a boring trip. The ship was dead, just a thing to be towed around. The pull-out ways weren’t ready yet, so we got towed to my unfinished pier and tied up to some of the pilings. I had bought two small boats plus a larger one from the fishermen who helped raise the ship, so we weren’t stranded. We didn’t even have to go down to the road and wait for the ferry.Okay, the next step was to get Erna to set. Afterward, we lay in bed, naked, playing with each other as I asked her more about if our Mother knew we were having sex."You said, Mom knows you want sex with me, that she suggested you come for a visit and get me to fuck you. You were k**ding, right?"She laughed and said, "No, Mom and I talk about a lot of things. I told her that I've wanted to fuck you since I was in middle school. Little did I know, she's wanted to fuck you, too, but, well, we'll call them on the cruise this weekend, you.

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