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I deserve a second chance." Shetickled her face with her own hair. "Why did you get your hair cut thisshort?" Why did you?" Chastity sighed. "You better, but thanks forrescuing my beast. Did you find a snow suit?" I rode home in it."Chastity studied her mom's face. "Why don't you come inside, have somecoffee?" I have to get back to work. I took a four-hour lunch break." Mom, what are you not telling me?" We'll talk about it later." Are you still working at the same job?" Yes, why?" No. Mrs. Devers nodded. "I agree. That's reprehensible, inexcusable, but not the real problem. The danger is that the Board of Ed or someone else might just cave in. With Washington dead in the water there's no help there. As it is other states and localities have already taken The Program to court." And?" Retta asked."And, not to get too deep in the technicalities, a local judge issues an injunction against the program. On appeal the next one up the food chain lifts it. It just ladders up from. As you are a first timer, let me explain the rules to you. All new members must play on their first night. Members only play against those of the opposite sex. The game is speed chess. You will play one board. The loser of the game is given an over-knee spanking by the winner, on the stage. The spanking lasts fifteen minutes. If, at any point after five minutes of spanking the loser begs the winner to stop, the winner may agree commute the rest of the spanking into a forfeit of their choosing.. “Alexandra,” purrs Steel like a mongoose toying with a boa constrictor, “This is your destiny!”He drops his boxer shorts and his magnificent unfettered manhood, a member of awesome length and girth, fires upwards like a clown sprung from a circus canon.Alexandra shrieks. The uncoiled tool has dislodged the silver tea tray from her gasp, the pot of tea scorching her breasts as it begins its journey to the floor. Steel’s eyes turn round in their sockets like rolling marbles as he surveys the wet.

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